Iberica Pitted olives with olive oil and hot red pepper (without brine)

Code: 0710200

Barcode: 8436024298390

Weight: 70 gr

Packaging: polymer pack

Packaged goods: 8

The place on a pallet: 256

Shelf life: 18

Production: Olive Line, S.L.

Country: Spain

Nutritional value: 630,9 kJ

Caloric value: 150,8 kcal

Carbohydrates: 0,5

Proteins: 1,2

Fats: 16,0

% of humidity: 75


Manzanilla Green pitted olives, salt, olive oil, cayenne, paprika leaf, thyme, paprika, acidulant: Lactic acid and scent


Olive, seed and grapeseed oils, green and black olives, canned vegetables, vinegars, sauces and sea delicacies