Ameri «Tiraminelli» candy flavored tiramisu

Ameri «Tiraminelli» candy flavored tiramisu

Code: 1445022/3

Barcode: 4002603480315

Weight: 83 gr

Packaging: carton

Packaged goods: 15

The place on a pallet: 75

Shelf life: 12

Production: Echetti Confect Spezialitäten A. Eichelmann GmbH & Co. KG

Country: Germany

Nutritional value: 2412 kJ

Caloric value: 580 kcal

Carbohydrates: 48.3

Proteins: 5.6

Fats: 40.5

% of humidity: 65


partially hydrogenate vegetable fat (coconut, palm kernel), sugar, whole milk powder, whey powder, whole soy bean flour, skimmed milk powder, dextrose, cocoa powder, emulsifiers: soya lecithin; natural flavouring: tiramisu


Chocolate, bars and confectionery