Summer salad


Cooking time: 15-20 minutes.Ingredients for 2 people

Cooking method:

  • Take a large flat plate, lay the lettuce leaves in a circle
  • Remove the core of the tomato, cut into slices
  • Cook hard-boiled egg, cut it into slices and spread it and tomato nicely on lettuce leaves
  • Cucumber needs to be cleaned of skin and cut into cubes, then spread out on a plate.
  • Cut onions into rings and lay on top of vegetables
  • 2 pieces of olives and olives need to be cut into rings and added to the salad
  • Also add whole olives, olives and capers
  • Grind tuna directly in a jar, put in a plate
  • Add olive oil and Iberica red wine vinegar. Salt to taste and serve.