Information according to Federal Law No. 381-FZ «On the bases of State regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation».

In pursuance of the Federal Law No. 381-FL «On the bases of State regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation», «Ameria Russ» LLC informs about the search conditions of selecting contractors for concluding supply contracts of food products

  1. The contractor must have an impeccable reputation and comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. The contractor must have all the necessary documentation, permits, licenses to conduct activities providedby the Company’s Charter.
  3. The contractor should not have indebtedness on the taxes and dues, and also before the third parties.
  4. The contractor must be solvent.
  5. Criminal and civil cases must not be instituted against a contractor.
  6. The contractor must own/lease office, commercial premises and warehouses necessary for conducting activities providedby the Company’s Charter.

The contractor wishing to conclude a supply contract with «Ameria Russ» LLC sends to the e-mail: a commercial offer with the attachment of contacts, as well as the documents necessary for entering into an agreement with «Ameria Russ» LLC.

List of documents required by the Contractor :

  1. Copy of the Certificate of the State registration of a legal entity;
  2. A copy of the Certificate of Registration with the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia;
  3. A copy of the Company’s Charter (title and last pages, pages where the members of the Company are indicated, the amount of the authorized capital, types of activities, the sole executive body and the term of its election);
  4. Reference or notification from the Bank on the opening of a current account;
  5. Copy of the lease agreement or the certificate of ownership of the non-residential premises occupied by the contractor, a copy of the acceptance certificate of non-residential premises;
  6. A copy of the decision or protocol of participants/shareholders of the Contractor for appointment of the Company’s CEO;
  7. Power of attorney (in case, if the contract of supply is not concluded by the head of the Company);
  8. Copy of the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (not later than 3 months from the date of issue);
  9. A copy of the notification of the assignment of statistical codes;
  10. Customer’s card;
  11. A copy of the notification on the application of the simplified tax system or UTII, (if any).
  12. Copies of permits or licenses (for example, a license for the sale of alcohol products), if available;
  13. Copy of the list of affiliated persons of the Company.
  14. A copy of the certificate of absence of debt to the budget.
  15. Copy of the passport of the Individual entrepreneur.

At the conclusion of the Supply Agreement by the Parties, the essential terms of the contract are agreed upon:

  1. Name, assortment of the goods to be delivered. (The full assortment of goods supplied by «Ameria Russ» LLC in the Price List). The parties agree on the name and assortment of the goods in the Appendices (Buyer’s orders) to the Supply Agreement.
  2. The quantity of goods to be delivered is agreed by the Parties and indicated in the Appendices (Buyer’s Orders) to the Supply Agreement.
  3. The delivery time of the goods is agreed by the Parties and calculated from the date of approval/validation of the Order by the Supplier.
  4. The procedure for the delivery of goods: by agreement of the Parties is allowed both by the self-delivery of the goods by the Buyer and the delivery of the goods by the Supplier. Together with the goods, the Supplier undertakes to provide accompanying documents (quality certificates, veterinary certificates, certificates of conformity, hygienic certificates, and other documents in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.)
  5. Acceptance of goods by quantity, quality and assortment is carried out in the warehouse of the Buyer at the time of receipt of the goods, or in the warehouse of the Supplier (for self-delivery).
  6. The term of payment for the goods shall be agreed by the Parties and indicated in the supply agreement in accordance with Article 9 of Federal Law No. 381-FL «On the bases of State regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation».
  7. Payment for the goods is carried out by transfer of funds to the settlement account of the Supplier specified in the delivery contract.

Information about the quality and safety of goods.

The quality of the goods supplied by the Supplier under the Supply Agreement meets the requirements of state standards and technical conditions, ensures the safety of life and health of consumers.

The supplier accompanies the goods with all the necessary documents issued in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, confirming the proper quality of the goods.

Information on the documents can be found on the following links:

A single register of declarations of conformity:

The Federal Service for Accreditation

The Eurasian Economic Commission

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