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Fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms in cream sauce

A classic that will definitely appeal to everyone. Mushrooms, creamy sauce and tender chicken are really a win–win combination, especially when combined with your favorite pasta. These products will definitely be ... more More

Buckwheat noodles with chicken and vegetables

In order to cook a masterpiece of Asian cuisine at home, you do not need a lot of complex ingredients and rare products — everything is already at your fingertips! ... more More

Warm pumpkin salad with chickpeas and tahini dressing

Another simple and versatile idea for dinner: a warm chickpea salad that doesn't even need to be cooked – everything has already been done for you, just take out your ... more More

Casserole with pasta, cottage cheese and tomato sauce

A casserole is always a good idea! Especially when it turns out to be juicy, satisfying and tender at the same time. Like our current version, which will bring the ... more More

Tagliatelle with duck stew, tomatoes and rosemary

Pasta with duck is an option for sophisticated gourmets. And despite the intricacy of the recipe's name, it will surprise you with its lightness, simplicity and accessibility of ingredients. We suggest ... more More

Spaghetti with spicy spicy puttanesca sauce

Ingredients: Spaghetti - 300 g Anchovies – 2 pcs. Tomatoes – 5 pcs. Pitted olives Federici – 100 g Onion – 1 pc. Garlic – 2 cloves Capers – 2 ... more More