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Reber Mozart at the «Shag Havstrechu» charity event

On May 20 in St. Petersburg Charitable Foundation «Shag Navstrechu» with the support of good friends and partners held large-scale events to raise funds for urgent operations and rehabilitation programs ... more More


«Dorogoe udovol'stvie» Magazine June 2019 More

Congratulations to Iberica Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We are pleased to announce that Iberica Extra Virgin olive oil for the second time confirmed its quality at the world level. The jury of the international tasting contest Superior ... more More

Congratulations on victory Day!

Congratulations on victory Day! Ameria Russ wishes you on this solemn day — a peaceful sky over your head, health and happiness to you and your family! More

Tasting sauces Kuhne «Made for Meat»

On April 29 and 30, in GUM Gastronom №1  held a tasting  special sauces «Made for Meat» from Kuhne brand.  Four types of sauces were presented at the tastings, which liked ... more More

Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

On April 26 in  GUM Gastronom №1 held a tasting of exquisite Belgian chocolate bars Ameri. Visitors to the store appreciated the unsurpassed quality, variety of flavors and original design ... more More