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Bioitalia Bioitalia Rosé sauce

Bioitalia Bioitalia Rosé sauce

Code: 1770027

Barcode: 8024046518017

Vendor cod: W051801

Weight: 350

Packaging: glass

Packaged goods: 12

The place on a pallet: 132

Shelf life: 36

Production: Bioitalia S.R.L.

Country: Italy

Nutritional value: 427 kJ

Caloric value: 102 kcal

Carbohydrates: 14,1

Proteins: 2,6

Fats: 3,8

% of humidity: 75


Water, chopped tomatoes* (21%), tomato paste*, butter* (6.4%), corn starch*, milk powder*, lemon juice*, Pecorino Romano PDO*, onion* (1%), salt, parsley* (0.1%), citric acid, garlic*, chives* (0,03%). *Organic.


Pasta, canned vegetables, sauces, fruit puree and olive oil