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Ameria Mini tartaletas «Square»

Ameria Mini tartaletas «Square»

Code: 1540026

Barcode: 5412952920018

Weight: 84

Packaging: combined packaging

Packaged goods: 12

The place on a pallet: 168

Shelf life: 18

Production: Banketfabriek Gebr. Van Rooij b.v.

Country: Netherlands

Nutritional value: 2359 kJ

Caloric value: 566 kcal

Carbohydrates: 47

Proteins: 9,3

Fats: 37

% of humidity: 70


wheat flour, oils (fats) interesterified refined deodorized (palm stearin, palm oil, rapeseed oil), drinking water, salt, glazing (drinking water, vegetable protein (peas), refined deodorized rapeseed oil, corn starch).


Tartlets and confectionery