Reber Dark heart chocolate with marzipan filling

Reber Dark heart chocolate with marzipan filling

Code: 1410131/1

Barcode: 4101730635107

Vendor cod: 3510/50

Weight: 100*20 gr

Packaging: carton

Packaged goods: 1

The place on a pallet: 240

Shelf life: 12

Production: P.Reber GmbH

Country: Germany

Nutritional value: 2126 kJ

Caloric value: 509 kcal

Carbohydrates: 54,1

Proteins: 8

Fats: 28,4

% of humidity: 70


sugar, almond (36% in marzipan), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, hazelnuts (36% in nut praline), whole milk powder, invert sugar syrup, pistachios (3,5% in pistachio marzipan), lactose, invertase, moisture-holding agent: glycerine, emulsifiers: sunflower lecithin; food alcohol, rum, natural flavouring: rum. Cocoa solids in dark chocolatе minimum 60%. Cocoa solids in milk chocolate minimum 35% and milk solids minimum 20%