Reber Advent calendar Silent night

Code: 1410138/4

Barcode: 4101730007249

Vendor cod: 724/50

Weight: 459 gr

Packaging: combined packaging

Packaged goods: 4

The place on a pallet: 25

Shelf life: 12

Production: Paul Reber GmbH&Co KG

Country: Germany

Nutritional value: 2230 kJ

Caloric value: 534 kcal

Carbohydrates: 51,5

Proteins: 7,5

Fats: 32,6

% of humidity: 60


Sugar, cocoa butter, almonds, cocoa mass, hazelnuts, whole milk powder, lactose, wafer (wheat flour, sugar, wheat starch, pure butterfat, cream powder, caramel sugar syrup, salt, raising agent sodium carbonates, emulsifier sunflower lecithins, natural flavouring), invert sugar syrup, crisp-rice (wheat flour, sugar, malt of barley extract, salt), pistachios, butter, caramel filling (invert sugar syrup, sweetened condensed milk, butter, sugar, salt), pure butterfat, speculoos biscuits (wheat flour, sugar, butter, caramel sugar syrup, spices, raising agent (sodium carbonates, hardshorn salt)), natural flavouring (cinnamon), salt), cream powder, Amaretto flavoured biscuits (sugar, apricot kernels, wheat flour, egg white powder, lactose, milk proteins, raising agent (sodium- and ammonium hydrogen carbonate), natural flavouring), candied orange peel, cream, humectant (invertase, sorbitol, glycerol), emulsifier sunflower lecithins, biscuits (wheat flour, sugar, butter, honey, whole milk powder, salt), honey, brandy, alcohol, sweetened condensed milk, coffee cream, egg yolk powder, rum, fruit brandy, cinnamon, flavourings (natural) (rum, speculoos, Tiramisu, cinnamon, vanilla), mixed spices (cinnamon, coriander, cloves, anise)