Rice with zucchini, spinach and nuts


Cooking time: 20-30 minutes. Ingredients for 2 people

  • Riso Scotti Carnaroli Rice 180 g
  • Frozen Spinach 300 g
  • Zucchini 2 pcs
  • Hard cheese 100 g
  • Handful of raisins
  • Walnuts and pine nuts to taste
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste
  • Salt to taste

Cooking method:

  • Soak the raisins in warm water for about 10 minutes.
  • Fry pine nuts in a non-stick pan or pan
  • Wash and cut the squash into small cubes
  • Cook the rice together with the cubes of zucchini in boiling salted water, as indicated on the package. Drain, transfer everything to a bowl, adding a spoonful of olive oil
  • Fry the spinach in a pan with a spoonful of oil, add salt to taste
  • Grind the kernels of walnuts and pine nuts, squeeze the raisins, dry and cut with a knife.
  • Dice the cheese
  • Mix all the ingredients and serve.