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Kuhne Tomato sauce with chili

Kuhne Tomato sauce with chili

Code: 0560040

Barcode: 40198637

Vendor cod: 37942

Volume: 235

Packaging: glass

Packaged goods: 8

The place on a pallet: 180

Shelf life: 24

Production: Carl Kuhne KG

Country: Germany

Nutritional value: 398 kJ

Caloric value: 94 kcal

Carbohydrates: 20

Proteins: 0,3

Fats: 1,3

% of humidity: 75


Tomato puree, red and green paprika (13%), sugar, spirit vinegar, modified starch, garlic (2,8%), chili, salt, red and green Jalapeno chili (1,6%), Ancho chili (0,2%), garlic extract.


Mustard, horseradish, sauces, vinegar, canned vegetables and snacks