История Компании Helios началась в 1901 году с джемов ручной работы в небольшой кондитерской «El Sol» в городе Вальядолиде на северо-западе Испании. Продукция имела такой успех, что сладости поставлялись даже для Королевского дома. В 1936 году открылось два новых кафе ... more

Le Petit Déjeuner

Le Petit Déjeuner meets all the needs and ages, with cereals rich in vitamins for children, wholewheat with oats and rich in dietary fibers for adults and products of specialized nutritional value such as gluten free products for consumers who ... more


BIO XXI is a line of organic gluten-free products from Coronilla, which has been producing organic products for more than twenty years. The entire range of BIO XXI products is certified according to international quality standards for organic products. Due to ... more


Chocolate is a passion of the Abtey family that continues to this day, three generations later. The production uses old family recipes, as well as innovations that ensure the originality and quality of products and are the hallmarks and success ... more


For over 170 years, Seeberger has been engaged in snacks that bring people benefits and energy. A nutritious and sophisticated assortment of dried fruits, nuts and amazing mixes, gathered around the world, is ideal for snacking, cooking and baking. Seeberger always ... more

Due Vittorie

Due Vittorie is located in Soller, in the administrative center of Modena. Fertile soils are also widely known in this area for the production of the famous Balsamic vinegar from Modena. Balsamic vinegar Due Vittorie was awarded the PGI certificate ... more

Pasta Ameria

«Ameria» pasta is the company's own brand, produced at the «Ameria Pasta Factory» in Kurchatov, Kursk Region. Pasta are made from soft wheat varieties of Group B on the equipment of the Swiss company Buhler and Italian - Fava. The ... more


Durum wheat of group ‘A’ pasta is produced at the Ameria pasta factory on modern equipment of the Swiss company Buhler in accordance with the latest technologies. The assortment is presented in 10 different formats in packing of 500 g ... more

La Molisana

Italian Pasta La Molisana - a sign of the desire for innovation. The special values of Pasta brand La Molisana remain an organic combination of pasta cooking traditions based on the centuries-old experience of the old millers family and the ... more


Monini is one of the most famous producers of olive oil in Italy exists since 1930. Monini Extra Virgin Classico oil is No.1 in Italy. The Monini range contains Extra Virgin olive oils, Extra Virgin olive oil with natural additives, ... more


Kühne products are sold in 50 countries around the world, and the daily work of 1500 workers is filled with care, loyalty and commitment to the brand. The company provides itself a successful future due to its many years of ... more


Торговая марка «LUTIK» появилась в 1997 г. Со времени происхождения бренд зарекомендовал себя как надежный и динамично-развивающийся на рынке консервированной продукции. В ассортименте – овощная, фруктовая и грибная консервация. Использование самых современных технологий консервирования позволяет сохранить натуральный вкус продуктов и ... more

Riso Scotti

Riso Scotti is a recognized leader in the production and packaging of rice and rice products. Riso Scotti was the first in Italy to promote high-quality rice in small, branded packages (before this, the rice was sold only by weight). Today ... more


This is a series of organic products from Italy. Since its foundation in 1994, the company has focused on the safety of its products, combining the latest production technologies with environmentally friendly crop cultivation. All products used for the brand ... more


Famous for it's r exceptional quality, eccentricity and exquisite design, Reber chocolate were founded as a real treasure. Reber chocolates represent a superb blend of perfect ingredients which are chartreuse marzipan filling, hazelnut nougat and excellent chocolate. The chocolate masterpiece ... more


Truly Salzburger Mirabell candies, created in the homeland of the great Mozart and known all over the world. The excellent filling of marzipan cream, covered with the best milk chocolate, is already appreciated by gourmets and connoisseurs of chocolate. Salzburger ... more


Under the brand Ameri in Belgium - the country leader in the production of chocolate, produced the chocolate seashells and premium chocolate bars that will please the most demanding gourmets with its rich palette: pieces of caramel with Fleur de ... more


Due to the classic recipe, the choice of blameless raw materials and careful quality checking at every stage of the production process, Chocmod truffles are deservedly popular not only in Europe but all over the world. For its half a ... more


A company with a great tradition of confectionery, specialized in the production of a wide range of baked goods, such as biscuits and shortbread biscuits, crackers, wafers and salty snacks. The innovative ideas combined with the values ​​of the best ... more


Ameria tartlets are produced in Holland under the company's own brand. Tartlets from a gentle pastry can be filled with any stuffing. They will serve as a decoration of the table and a great snack.