Новости и пресса

Tasting Reber Mozart in Gum Gastronom №1

On July 12 and 13, a tasting of Reber Mozart chocolate sweets took place in Guma. Visitors appreciated the delicious taste of famous sweets and the original design of limited ... more More

Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

11 and 13 July in Gum Gastronom №1 will be tasting delicious Belgian chocolate Ameri. At the tasting will be presented a unique milk chocolate, milk chocolate with caramel and ... more More

Tasting Reber Mozart in Gum Gastronom №1

On June 13 and 15 in Gum Gastronome No.1 will be held a tasting of the famous chocolate Reber Mozart with a filling of pistachio marzipan, covered with dark or ... more More

Tasting of Kuhne Made for Meat sauces

On May 17 and 18, in the stores of Miratorg, tastings of special «Made for Meat» sauces from Kuhne brand were held. Four types of sauces were presented at the ... more More

We invite you to the tasting of Kuhne sauce

Friends, it's time for picnics and barbecues! We invite you to visit our tastings and  to be introduced with Kuhne brand sauces «Made for Meat». They are designed specifically for ... more More

Congratulations on the Victory Day!

Victory Day is a holiday that fills our hearts with pride and gratitude. It is a celebration of courage, heroism and kindness! The company Ameria Russ wants you on this ... more More