Chocolate, bars and confectionery

Under the brand Ameri in Belgium – the country leader in the production of chocolate, produced the chocolate seashells and premium chocolate bars that will please the most demanding gourmets with its rich palette: pieces of caramel with Fleur de Sel, orange and almonds, ginger and blackberries, lemon and pepper, as well as classic milk and dark chocolate.

Delicious taste, variety of species and high quality of the original products – these are the main ingredients of Belgian chocolate, which is rightfully considered one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world.

In Germany and Spain, under the Ameri brand, various types of confectionery are produced: chocolate, cookies, waffle cups with chocolate and whole hazelnuts. Everyone will find the taste for himself.

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Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

On April 26 in  GUM Gastronom №1 held a tasting of exquisite Belgian chocolate bars Ameri. Visitors to the store appreciated the unsurpassed quality, variety of flavors and original design ... more More

Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

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Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

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Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

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Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

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We invite you to tasting Ameri chocolate bars

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We invite you to tasting chocolate seashells and chocolate bars Ameri

On November 9, in GUM Gastronom No. 1 will be held a tasting of premium Belgian chocolate bars and chocolate seashells Ameri. Visitors will appreciate the unique milk chocolate, milk ... more More

Tasting of Ameri chocolate bars

11 and 13 July in Gum Gastronom №1 will be tasting delicious Belgian chocolate Ameri. At the tasting will be presented a unique milk chocolate, milk chocolate with caramel and ... more More

Congratulations on Easter!

Congratulations on Easter! We wish you love, faith, and prosperity. Peace and happiness to your home, health to your family and friends! #ameri #federici More

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