Botanical and fruit marmalades

Botanical marmalade are the only in the world with low sugar, with basil seeds and a variety of herbs and berries, they are rich in vitamins, fiber, Omega 3 and antioxidants and are very healthy.

The range of fruit marmalade is represented by a variety of assortment for every taste!

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The exhibition ProdExpo 2019 is over

On February 15, the largest international exhibition of the best food and beverages, Prodexpo 2019, finished on the territory of the Expocentre in Moscow. Ameria Russ presented its products at ... more More

Ameria Russ at «ProdExpo 2019» exhibition

Dear friends, colleagues and partners! We invite you to visit our booth at the 26th international exhibition of food products «Prodexpo 2019». Stand №82С40, pavilion №8, second level, hall №2. ... more More

Tasting confitures Meditrina

The tasting of unique confitures of Meditrina from fresh fruits and herbs was held on November 16 in GUM Gastronome №1. The store customers tasted the products and appreciated the ... more More

Tasting confitures Meditrina

November 13, 2018 in GUM Gastronom №1 was held a tasting at which Meditrina presented its unique confitures made from fresh fruits and herbs. Visitors to the store appreciated the ... more More

Confitures Meditrina at the tasting in GUM Gastronom №1

Friends! We invite you to visit a tasting where you can taste unique confitures from fresh fruits and herbs with low sugar content of the Meditrina trademark. At the tasting ... more More