Magnat «My Sweet Cherry» Praline dark chocolate with cherry liqueur

Code: 1430105

Barcode: 5904637000691

Vendor cod: 0691

Weight: 145 gr

Packaging: carton

Packaged goods: 6

The place on a pallet: 140

Shelf life: 14

Production: FPH Magnat Sp.J

Country: Poland

Nutritional value: 1830 kJ

Caloric value: 436 kcal

Carbohydrates: 62.1

Proteins: 2.5

Fats: 15.9

% of humidity: 70


sugar, cocoa mass, cherry tincture 14% (food alcohol, cherry, cherry juice), cocoa butter, glucose syrup from corn, water, food alcohol (1,4%), emulsifiers: soya lecithin, identical natural flavoring : vanilla. May contain milk, peanut and other nuts. Cocoa solids in dark chocolate minimum 49%. Alcohol minimum 5%