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«Ameria Russ» company was founded in 1993 as importer of the European food products. Over the past 25 years the Company has continuously focused on developing and expanding its operations, tough it out the crises of 1998, 2008 and 2014, and became one of the biggest and well-known distributor of high-quality and organic food products of more than 20 famous European brands as Maestro de Oliva, Iberica, Monini, Kuhne, La Molisana, Reber, Baci, Bonne Maman, Mirabell, Cirio, Riso Scotti, Bioitalia, Campbells.

Mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with many brands is 15 – 21 years.

The Company’s trading partners are such large domestic and international retail chains as: «Metro Cash & Carry», «Auchan», «Azbuka Vkusa», «Perekrestok», «7 Continent», «Alye Parusa», «Lenta» «O’Key» and many others.

Expanding the geography of activities «Ameria Russ» provides supplies to the territory of near and far abroad, such as the USA, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The company is one of the leaders in the segment of grocery, premium confectionery and canned food .

Thanks to the modern «A» class warehouse and its own vehicle fleet, the Company provides timely delivery of products to the customers.

Due to its successful activity, «Ameria Russ» combined import, distribution, own production, restaurant business and grew into a holding company.

In 2000, on the basis of the Kurchatov bakery (Kursk region), «Ameria» Pasta Factory was founded and was organized the production of pasta such well-known brands as Federici and Ameria. And for Christmas and Easter baked tender and delicious Panettone Federici and Milanese.

In 2010, the Company launched a project for the production of chocolate and confectionery products, as well as preserves under its own trademarks.

«Ameria Russ» is a member of the Rusprodsoyuz Association and follows the Code of Good Practices for the Relationship between Retail chain and Consumer Goods Suppliers.

«Ameria Russ» is actively working in the field of marketing, advertising and PR, constantly promoting its products and supporting the recognition of brands. The company regularly participates in specialized exhibitions and repeatedly became the winner of various competitions and projects. Also sponsors numerous festivals, gastronomic schools, culinary master classes.

Achievements of previous years and established long-term, good, mutually beneficial and fruitful business relations with major foreign and domestic business partners are our legitimate pride. They inspire and focus us to use our knowledge, experience and opportunities more aggressively, in the further development and expansion of import and production of high-quality food products for consumers in Russia.



Всероссийский смотр качества макаронных изделий и муки для макаронных изделий – 2005
Изделия макаронные «Ameria» из мягкой пшеницы «Рожки рифленые» – золотая медаль и диплом I степени за высокое качество продукции;

Изделия макаронные «Ameria» из мягкой пшеницы «Спагетти» – золотая медаль и диплом I степени за высокое качество продукции;

Изделия макаронные «Ameria» из мягкой пшеницы «Перья гладкие» – серебряная медаль и диплом II степени за высокое качество продукции

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Tasting of French products Bonne Maman

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